Mary Ellen Fitzpatrick

When I had to clean out and sell my parent’s house, I needed help and recommendations for painters, landscapers, cleaning crew, plumber, realtor, electrician, etc. A neighbor dropped off a church bulletin and said he could vouch for all of the businesses in the back. I called and hired all the businesses from there. All were terrific. I use my local bulletin now as a reference. Has not let me down!

Mary Ellen Fitzpatrick

Martin Restoration, LLC

I’ve been advertising in Sacred Heart church bulletin for 10 years. The amount of leads that pan out are far more than any other advertising. Potential customers are more prone to give you the job because they have a level of trust in church bulletins. All other advertising through different companies are more expensive and a waste of money, in my opinion. I highly recommend advertising in any church bulletin.

Mike Martin, owner

36 Allds Salon, Nashua, NH

I like it (advertising in church bulletin) because of the clients it draws and they refer other clients in the local area.

Deb, owner

Trinity Marketing Company

Wm Henderson has been advertising in the church bulletins for decades and we couldn’t be happier with our results.  We have a call tracking phone number on the ad that lets us know the ads are working and producing revenue for us. Our representative, Bob Arnold, has been a wonderful resource for us in helping us choose the parishes to advertise in. He created the ad and worked with the placement of the ad for us. We consider the bulletins a wonderful part of our overall marketing efforts.

Annette Young

Villa Maria Academy High School

As a Catholic girls’ high school, Villa Maria Academy High School advertises with John Patrick in order to reach our key customers. We are able to be in front of Catholic families on a weekly basis, while supporting local parishes. John Patrick Company has been easy to work with and updating our ads is easy. Bulletins will continue to be a key part of our advertising plan.

Marguerite Esmonde